[CLUG-chat] digital certificate are they all the same

Steven_list steven_list at techtron.co.za
Tue Jun 20 11:32:09 SAST 2006

Thanks for the help, I am actually only looking to sign/encrypt emails for a
group of users, so will have a look at cacert or one of the other free ones.


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On 19/06/06, Mogamat Abrahams <tech at cyber-worx.co.za> wrote:

> cacert.org was has been trying to get inclusion in the major browsers
> for many years now based on a similar system, don;t know how far they
> got though, but you can get certs for free from them.

I would sooner trust cacert than any commercial crowd - its also a
web-of-trust model.

Speaking of which:  Is there anybody on this list (or FOAF or
whatever) who can assert cacert identities?


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