[CLUG-chat] digital certificate are they all the same

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Mon Jun 19 14:30:03 SAST 2006

Roland Giesler wrote:
> Charles Oertel wrote:
>> The free ones don't do this - they only provide encryption.
> What happened to the Thawte Web of Trust, where other certified persons
> combine points to give you validation?  Is this not in operation anymore?
> There's no indication on the website that have stopped this or am I missing
> something.  In many cases it would be an acceptable level of id for me.
cacert.org was has been trying to get inclusion in the major browsers 
for many years now based on a similar system, don;t know how far they 
got though, but you can get certs for free from them.


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