[CLUG-chat] About debugging Assembly...

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 18:54:34 SAST 2006

Those that have been there will enjoy the laugh!
The rest, just enjoy the interpreters ;^P

from: http://modest-proposals.com/Furball.htm

Gdb is 1.5 meg of Bad User Interface. Somewhere around 'User Hostile'.
For a GUI wrapper, add about 5M to 15M of language and library code to
just do point and click selection. RMS is definitely into Free
Software, the larger the better.

Though, to give RMS his due for gdb, 'bt' is invaluable. Worth
learning how to load gdb and run a GPFing program just to get a
BackTrace on the stack. For all other linux debugging see 'man

So when I switched over to running completely on FOSS, I lost a small
love. Several years ago I encountered ALD (Assembly Language
Debugger), a 100k simplified version of debug.com (I said, stop
snickering) without the inline assembler.

Hendrik Visage

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