[CLUG-chat] Linksys or MikroTik?

Adrian Snyman adrians at supply-chain.co.za
Thu Aug 31 08:44:07 SAST 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 23:18, Hendrik Visage wrote:
> On 8/30/06, Roland Giesler <roland at giesler.za.net> wrote:
> > I need to choose one as a platform to build wireless networks on, and
> > while the mikrotik is technically superiour (I'm led to believe), the
> > Linksys WRT54GL, once flashed with new firmware, seems to be quite
> > powerful too.
> >
> > So what should I do?
> Something that's not so technical of nature, but that you might have
> to consider, is
> availability. Unless the Linksys is a guaranteed supply of OpenWRT
> compatible (and knowing Cisco I'll be surprised if they don't drop that
> availability in the future)
> it might be the better choice to go with Mikrotik + readily available
> boards now, than having
> to switch later.

Well, they dropped the Linux based router before, but then brought it back 
because of demand ...

I am not too sure of pricing on the Mikrotik .. but I paid R 650-00 for the 
Linksys AP ...

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