[CLUG-chat] IBM R50e

Percy Langa planga at pgwc.gov.za
Wed Aug 30 13:15:26 SAST 2006

>> Our employer paid ~15 grands per unit. I dont think it was worth it.
>Waargh, government gravy train!1!!!

That is the problem! A waste of all our taxes! And the suppliers keep
smiling :O(

As we speak..
I am busy requesting our IT department to buy 4 new PCs to replacement
old ones (2004 PCs) at a cost of ~10,5 grand per PC unit (IBMs - nothing
fancy, no plasma or lcd screens just std CRTs, no DVI hardware, no
DVD-R, no wireless keyboard or mouse, just the standard specs *grrrr*).
And you know what, my 2002 debian PC (AMD 750, Gigabyte Mobo) at home is
still in good condition despite all the punishment it takes from
(cedega) Unreal Tournament 2006 & OOo 2 tarball extract & compile :O) I
have even run Xpee on this museum piece with no major problems. Of
course I had to replace the power & fan, cpu fan, HDD, add RAM, a new
monitor, mouse & keyboard in order to keep it going.


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