[CLUG-chat] IBM R50e

Percy Langa planga at pgwc.gov.za
Wed Aug 30 12:17:58 SAST 2006

>> I's lookng to get a faster IBM and this is available - doesn't seem
>> much of an improvement though, so I'm undecided
>For my next new one I want at least 4x the CPU and 4x
>the HD .. but not 4x the price :-]

I recently upgraded from T41 (CD-R, 128RAM) to T43 (CD-R, 500RAM). Some
of my colleagues upgraded to T43P (DVD-R + 1GIG RAM).

The only diff (b/n t41 & t43) is:
1. Min increment in overall performance due to add RAM (& faster HDD?
*not sure though*)
2. A bigger HDD (40 to 80)
3. Fingerprint password option (never tried it though)

Oh, by the way, the laptop carry bag & external stiffy drives (we still
use these, haha) is a separate cost :O(

Our employer paid ~15 grands per unit. I dont think it was worth it. We
could have simply added more RAM & acquired an additional 40 or 80gig
external HDD & two external DVD-Rs & new batteries at a cost of 25 grand
or less. The balance of the funds could be used for productivity
incentives & overtime payments :O(


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