[CLUG-chat] Bandwith monitor

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Tue Aug 29 19:19:27 SAST 2006

Jacques Steyn wrote:
> This is my first posting to CLUG.
Welcome, How does it feel ;-)

> Upon arrival, the guest registers his laptop on the wireless network. He 
> will then have access to e.g. web, ftp and mail. This needs to be 
> monitored and summarized. Upon checking out, he will then received a 
> bill of the bandwidth used during his stay.
> I am looking for a web enabled interface to grant access to web related 
> services without having the need to install any apps on the laptop.
Use pfsense (pfsense.org) It has a nice captive portal which allows 
users to authenticate themselves using any http browser, it also acts as 
a wireless access point using a prism-based wireless card and supports 
radius authentication and accounting. most of the usual niceties are 
available, although IPCOP may offer more 3rd party modules.


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