[CLUG-chat] Time sheet applications

Rudolf Vavruch rudolf at redshift.co.za
Tue Aug 29 15:25:18 SAST 2006

Wouter Morgan wrote:
> Hi
> I'm looking for a time sheet app, preferably web based. The user must be 
> able to indicate on which project he/she is working and be able to start 
> and stop some sort of counter. And the end of a month one can then 
> generate data of how much time was spent of what.
> Can anybody recommend such an applications?
> Regards
> Wouter

TaskCoach (https://sourceforge.net/projects/taskcoach/), not web based 
but I find it very handy. You select which project (and which part of 
the project you are working on) and click a button and it starts timing 
you (with a cute little thumping clock in your taskbar - Windows and 
Gnome). The effort view will show you how much time was spent on which 

Saves info in an xml file which I carry between Windows and Ubuntu.

Probably not good for multiple users though.


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