[CLUG-chat] Time sheet applications

Andre Truter (Mailing Lists) linux at trusoftdev.za.net
Tue Aug 29 14:57:37 SAST 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 14:48 +0200, Wouter Morgan wrote:
> Andre Truter (Mailing Lists) wrote:
> > We use Timesheet.php
> > http://freshmeat.net/projects/timesheet.php/
> > 
> > Simple and easy to use.
> Thanks Andre
> That's the only one, that looks like what I'm looking for, that I found 
> so far. Was just looking for someone's comment.

We have been using it for more than 2 years now.

I wrote (actually more like hack) my own little custom module that allow
me to create printable timesheets that span a specific date range.

The system is very straight-forward and easy to integrate to.

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