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Jacques Steyn jacques at fasttechnologies.co.za
Tue Aug 29 22:10:35 SAST 2006

Good day


This is my first posting to CLUG. I am a newbie when it comes to Linux
although I have managed to do a few things with some degree of success. I am
eager to learn and wish I could have the opportunity to spend more time
testing and experimenting.


My request is as follows:

I have a client who ones a guest house but are a member of a group of guest
houses. He wants to put a "kiosk" related service available to all his
guests. The idea is as follows: 


Upon arrival, the guest registers his laptop on the wireless network. He
will then have access to e.g. web, ftp and mail. This needs to be monitored
and summarized. Upon checking out, he will then received a bill of the
bandwidth used during his stay.


I am looking for a web enabled interface to grant access to web related
services without having the need to install any apps on the laptop.


I know there are user friendly open source solutions available.


Could someone please advise me


Kind regards



Jacques at fasttechnologies.co.za


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