[CLUG-chat] Online Shop Software

Rory Austin clug at radv2.za.net
Tue Aug 29 09:25:17 SAST 2006

clive wrote:
> Hi
> I used oscommerce before, while it does have some funny quirks, its easy 
> to modify and theres a whole lot of contributed addons for it. There are 
> also a couple SA payment providers that work with it i.e 
> Paygate,Setcom,iveri.
> clive

I've also used oscommerce before. Let me tell you it's pretty easy to 
modify because it's just simple php etc. But it was SUCH a pain to 
modify because it wasn't too modular and just to get rid of those 
horrible bits of "clipart" took ages of modifying every single type of 
page and not breaking it etc.

I also installed a couple of addons but that gets a bit tricky after the 
first few.

I came across Xen which seems to be the most popular of the oscommerce 
alternatives. It claims to be a ready modified oscommerce etc. I 
installed it and played around a bit and it was MUCH nicer than 
oscommerce but I haven't modified it myself or actually used it to build 
a real shop yet...


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