[CLUG-chat] Online Shop Software

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Mon Aug 28 20:36:02 SAST 2006

Hi Daniel

Daniel Avinir wrote:
> Anybody got any experience with (relatively easy to start, open source (or
> not)) online shopping carts. Must be able to accept payments and communicate
> with a SA payment gateway.

I run a perl shopping cart that interfaces to Meglakor (Nedbank), and
have coded up a gateway for OSCommerce, Joomla and am in the process of
setting up a shopping cart and gateway in Drupal.  Once the Drupal thing
is sorted it will be easy to replicate, but at the moment there is still
some fundamental coding required to allow multiple currencies etc in Drupal.

My plan is ultimately to offer a full-featured ecommerce CMS as a hosted

Charles Oertel

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