[CLUG-chat] 64-bit Linux

Russell Tiedt rtiedt at rusty.org.za
Sun Aug 27 18:53:27 SAST 2006

Hendrik Visage wrote:

> On 8/25/06, Russell Tiedt <rtiedt at rusty.org.za> wrote:
>> Which distro's have a 64-bit version, and what are the URL's please.
>> Seem to remember that Ubuntu, and Debian are/have 64-bit versions 
>> available.
> /me have to point out the obvious Gentoo amd64 version
Ah Gentoo, I should have known, but the only way to install 64-bit 
Linux, that takes longer, is crosscompiling from 32-bit Linux. :-))

>> A Linux distro, that allows easy access to the command console without
>> having to load X/kde/gnome etc. preffered. i.e. Debian, Slackware etc.
>> Might be time that I get used to a Linux Desktop, wether it be KDE Gnome
>> or whatever.
> Gentoo is fine for console and gui etc. and they do have to right 
> stuff too for
> 32bit binary apps like OpenOffice.org etc.

Thanks, will keep that in mind.


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