[CLUG-chat] 64-bit Linux

Russell Tiedt rtiedt at rusty.org.za
Fri Aug 25 19:49:11 SAST 2006

Andre Truter wrote:

>I see Paul already mentioned Ubuntu and Debian.
>SuSE also offer a well integrated 64-bit solution.
Am getting the netinstall version ...

>You can just select the minimal install and it will give you a
>no-gui-system. (Most of my installations are like that.  I only have two
>SUSE systems with GUI, my laptop and my workstation)
Nice knowing, thanks ...

>It also works quite well as a desktop, with seamless integration of
>64-bit and 32-bit applications.
>I never realized that OpenOffice is 32-bit until I read Paul's mail.  I
>checked my OOo installation on my 64-bit system and found it to be
>32-bit. (I suppose it is due to OOo's dependency on Java) 
>I have never had to do any fancy footwork to run 32-bit programs on a
>64-bit system.  Just install and run it.

Well as long as it works, then no reason for complaints, I suppose ... :-)

>RedHat/Fedora should also have 64-bit versions available.
Not keen on any of the graphical Linux versions, RedHat/Fedora, least of 
all, SuSE or Mandriva are most liked here, in that regard ...



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