[CLUG-chat] Exploiting Open Source

James Neethling Jneethling at webmail.co.za
Fri Aug 25 14:56:04 SAST 2006

> One company I know of, wants everything to be done using open source to
> avoid license fees - but does not want to contribute anything the
> community and even fired a whole team of developers with extreme
> prejudice because they were worried that their idea might be exposed
> (when it is all prior art anyway).
In any system, there are going to be free-loaders. That's just part of 
it. And the more entities join the system, the more free-loaders there 
are. This is not necessarily a problem. The FOSS movement isn't damaged 
by free loaders (software costs nothing to reproduce). Maybe some of 
them will contribute. eventually. Maybe someone that they influence to 
FOSS 'to save $$$' will see the light and be a positive influence to the 

> Tellingly, they think nothing of spending tens of thousands on legal advice.
Yeah. This is commonly referred to as 'the cost of doing business'.
> And before this job, I lost money to another client who was driven by an
> ambitious marketing manager who thought she would save her company a
> living wage and had their site built by some youngster who seems to
> specialize in Swiss cheese (you know, security holes all over).
Is it your system? - NO

Just leave them a quick 2 page report as an 'industry specialist' 
indicating the problems that they are going to have and back away.



We all know what will happen. (and they'll probably find some demented 
way to blame you. okay, scrap that idea).

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