[CLUG-chat] 64-bit Linux

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Fri Aug 25 13:26:11 SAST 2006

On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 06:35 +0200, Russell Tiedt wrote:
> Hi,
> Just got a dual core em64t processor (Intel), and I'd like  to try 
> 64-bit  Linux.
After using a number of Linux distros for a while (I'm still using
Ubuntu on my desktop running in VMWare on XP), I've recently loaded
PC-BSD on my desktop and 64bit FreeBSD 6.1 on some servers just to check
it out.  I'm so pleased with it, that I'm staying with it.  Maybe you
should try it.  I simply downloaded the boot ISO (just over a 25M if I
recall correctly) and let it install from ftp4.za.freebsd.org (which is
ftp.is.co.za).  You could even start the process from a boot diskette if
you which to.

> Which distro's have a 64-bit version, and what are the URL's please.

> Seem to remember that Ubuntu, and Debian are/have 64-bit versions available.
Yes, and they work just as well.  One of my developers is running 64bit
 Kubuntu I think.  On an Intel Celeron EMT64 nogal!

> A Linux distro, that allows easy access to the command console without 
> having to load X/kde/gnome etc. preffered. i.e. Debian, Slackware etc.
Bash is a suprisingly able interface after all! ;-)

> Might be time that I get used to a Linux Desktop, wether it be KDE Gnome 
> or whatever.
<sharp blinding blue-light flash>You now don't remember that Gnome ever
existed.  There is no Gnome.</return to normal daylight> 


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