[CLUG-chat] Exploiting Open Source

Pieter Ackermann packmann at mweb.co.za
Fri Aug 25 13:20:02 SAST 2006

Charles Oertel wrote:
> It _is_ Friday
> Has anybody else noticed that there are certain companies that are
> trying to exploit the goodwill and community of open source to their own
> benefit entirely with absolutely no regard for the people they hurt in
> the process?
> One company I know of, wants everything to be done using open source to
> avoid license fees - but does not want to contribute anything the
> community and even fired a whole team of developers with extreme
> prejudice because they were worried that their idea might be exposed
> (when it is all prior art anyway).
> Tellingly, they think nothing of spending tens of thousands on legal advice.
> In fact (he says licking his wounds), increasingly I am hearing cr at p
> like "Business is business", "Don't take it personally, it's just
> business", and "I keep my personal life separate from business".  I
> think the world is getting more and more stuffed because it is
> impossible to stop these sharks from giving honest, decent people a
> jolly good rodgering.
> And before this job, I lost money to another client who was driven by an
> ambitious marketing manager who thought she would save her company a
> living wage and had their site built by some youngster who seems to
> specialize in Swiss cheese (you know, security holes all over).
> wtf is wrong with the world?  Motorcars are also becoming an
> increasingly sorry lot...
> regards
> Charles
Hey come on Charles, things are not that bad!

I have been doing consulting work now for about 6 years and never have I
used delivery notes or signed time sheets. During this time I have had
not more than 2 or 3 problems where my account was queried. I do about
20 to 30 invoices a month. There are still decent people out there. Lots
of them!



ps: Now cars; lets not get started. Did you know that the cars being
exported have less than 50% local content (by value or by mass, I
wonder?) the rest all being imported and then exported again? How is
that for tax breaks, inefficiency, politics and big business?


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