[CLUG-chat] desktop user training

tanuki at openinsight.co.za tanuki at openinsight.co.za
Fri Aug 25 11:47:46 SAST 2006

hi all, 

we are looking for a company (in cape town) to do some training 
of our +/- 20 staff members (gnome/ basic OpenOffice/ basic gimp/ etc) 

currently the above mentioned people all use FC5 on a daily basis 
(someday we'll hopefully switch to ubuntu) to do their daily 
work, so they are slightly familiar with Firefox and the absolute 

what we basically need is for them to be introduced and trained 
in more detail, for example : 

* how to use OpenOffice write and calc effectively 
* using evolution 
* basic gimp (cropping,resizing etc etc) 
* how to do common stuff with gnome (on fc5 of course) 
  like changing their password, changing their
  background, using nautilus and all the other 
  crap users might want to do. 

so, anyone feel like recommending a organization that 
can do this ? experiences ? 

thanks ! 


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