[CLUG-chat] FROM Clug-tech: Re: [CLUG-tech] Any Linux users in George or Knysna?

Percy Langa planga at pgwc.gov.za
Mon Aug 21 10:11:56 SAST 2006

>On 20/08/06, Mike Kaplan <info at mikekaplandesign.com> wrote:
>> Anybody know of any Linux users living in the Garden Route?
>> Many thanks,
>I'm in Rheenendal.  (25km from Knysna) - There are numerous other
>Linux users in Knysna due in some measure to the presence of a
>Toaster in the library (Thanks Shuttleworth Foundation!).

>BTW: doesn't this belong on -chat?
Me thinks so. So, I moved it :O)

Let's talk more offlist.


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