[CLUG-chat] Gentoo 2006.0 DVD ISOs

Mike Morris mikro2nd at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 15:29:25 SAST 2006

Jonathan Hitchcock wrote:

> I promise that removing the three nops, and unrolling those four loops,
> did not increase the performance of your software in any really
> noticeable way.


> There are a lot of reasons one can give for using Gentoo.  Some of them
> are even good reasons.  Some of those are even true.  But everybody
> always seems to use the oh-my-god-optimised reason, when it really just
> isn't relevant.

I did *not* say "OMG-to-the-nth-degree" optimisation.  Just used 
reasonable optimisation choices for the CPU in question (after careful 
research) and, yes!  there /was/ a noticeable performance improvement - 
certainly some of which came from compiling all appropriate drivers into 
the kernel and leaving out everything else.

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