[CLUG-chat] Gentoo 2006.0 DVD ISOs

Jonathan Hitchcock jonathanh at adept.co.za
Mon Aug 21 14:24:48 SAST 2006

Mike Morris wrote:
> having optimised it for the old hardware sitting underneath, it still runs
> reasonably quickly - at least well-enough for the purpose - more than I
> would care to guess for any non-source-based distro.

To the tune of Big Ben striking three:

Wrong wrong wrong wrong,  wrong wrong wrong wrong,  wrong wrong wrong
wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong.


I promise that removing the three nops, and unrolling those four loops,
did not increase the performance of your software in any really
noticeable way.

There are a lot of reasons one can give for using Gentoo.  Some of them
are even good reasons.  Some of those are even true.  But everybody
always seems to use the oh-my-god-optimised reason, when it really just
isn't relevant.

(You all knew I was going to chime in with that, didn't you?)

(HAH!  Geddit?  "Chime"?)

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