[CLUG-chat] Gentoo 2006.0 DVD ISOs

Percy Langa planga at pgwc.gov.za
Thu Aug 17 14:57:07 SAST 2006

Hey cluggers

I wanna gentoo a spin. Why? I got a bit of time on my hands.

Problem is:
1) The freedom toaster has Gentoo 2006.0 LiveCD, with only KDE :O( &
Gentoo 2006.0 Universal install CD
2) I dun' have access high speed internet to download the rest of
Gentoo (Gnome, XFCE4.2, etc)

Now, I have been looking around [1] for Gentoo 2006.0 DVD ISOs. No

Any pointers?

[1] google, gentoo forums..


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