[CLUG-chat] Telkom Alternatives Advocacy Campaign

Percy Langa planga at pgwc.gov.za
Wed Aug 16 13:57:04 SAST 2006

[snip lots of good stuff from Jonathan]
>That's the best I can explain my motivation for supporting Richard's
>cause, I understand that some people feel that it's a bunch of punks
>running around bitching and moaning at Telkom, but for me it's a bit
>more than that and just because it makes some people unhappy, it
>stop me from getting people to give less money to Telkom.

ditto :O)

(In fact, people around me "hate" me bcos of my not-so-enthusiastic
attitude towards telscam (& MS))

I dropped telscam early this year bcos I couldnt bear the cost any
longer. Im happy with gprs and the occasional internet usage at work.

My 1c

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