[CLUG-chat] Telkom Alternatives Advocacy Campaign

Jonathan Groll lists at groll.co.za
Wed Aug 16 12:44:01 SAST 2006

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 11:10:22AM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> As a secondary goal, I think it's important to let people know that they
> don't need to pay R79 (ISP) + ~R80 (Line rental, I don't have exact
> figures) + call time, etc when they really just need to do Internet
> banking once a day and download 10 e-mails a week. I know some people
> who pay about R500 a month and all they use their line for is Internet
> banking. I've shown them how to dial up using GPRS, and for their
> personal connectivity requirements, their monthly cost is down to R50.
This is most interesting:-

Most of us are in a similar boat to myself with regards monthly telecom
expenditures, eg. these are estimates for cheaper options (eg. most of
us are paying more than R125 to our ISPs)

Tollkom landline (closer option)R300 - covers most long distance calls
ADSL subscription               R245
ADSL - ISP costs                R125
Cellphone self                  R144  - eg. family top-up
Cellphone spouse                R144
Total package cost              R958
[Tollkom to cellphone - left out for this analysis, I assume you never
do this from your landline]

Now, moving across to GPRS / 3G and dropping Tollkom, could one really
drop this cost by further increasing cellphone costs?
MTN 1GB bundle                  R499
Cellphone self                  R300, eg. talk 300
Cellphone spouse                R144

So, can one really save money by avoiding tollkom?

Besides not saving much, the latter has the following disadvantages:-

- (1) What about long distance / local calls to family and friends? This
  is why I've arbitrarily put R300 for the main cellphone contract eg.
talk 300? It could cost you more, actually.
- (2) I don't think GPRS / 3G is feasible for VOIP / skype over 3g
  either from what I can see from cellphone surfing.
- (3) You get "radiated" a lot more. But we'll worry about that later,
  won't we?
- (4) I've assumed you're using your phone and bluetooth, also there was
  no cost for a 3G card or bluetooth adapter, etc. In practice you'll
probably need 2 smaller data bundles, what if your spouse wants to check
email while you're away?
- (5) Other people hate calling your cellphone as it costs them more
  than calling a landline.


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