[CLUG-chat] Telkom Alternatives Advocacy Campaign

Jonathan Carter jonathan at clug.org.za
Wed Aug 16 11:10:22 SAST 2006

Hi Mogamat

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 10:42 +0200, Mogamat Abrahams wrote:
> Good idea if you ALREADY have an alternative! Where are the alternatives?
> I dont see how any more complaining (and between us all we've done a few 
> hundred thousand rands worth of it!) will help the situation!
> I hope that people wont be too disappointed when the SNO pulls the same 
> stunts that Telkom does, the MD is quoted in brainstorm as saying that 
> their prices wont be much better than Telkom's, they would push a value 
> proposition for around the same (market) price. Iburst does it, sentech 
> does it - they will all do it.

Having a page in the newspaper would at the very least, spread some
awareness. I know some people who think that Telkom is great, and that
we are lucky to have such a nice big blue and green telecommunications
company. Awareness is the main reason why I would support such a

As a secondary goal, I think it's important to let people know that they
don't need to pay R79 (ISP) + ~R80 (Line rental, I don't have exact
figures) + call time, etc when they really just need to do Internet
banking once a day and download 10 e-mails a week. I know some people
who pay about R500 a month and all they use their line for is Internet
banking. I've shown them how to dial up using GPRS, and for their
personal connectivity requirements, their monthly cost is down to R50.

And sure, the mobile operator's bandwidth probably does go through
Telkom at some point, and sure, they will get a piece of that pie, but-
there are many ways to cut your Telkom bills, and people don't realise

A third reason, and possibly more important than the second one, is that
Telkom wants to milk you when you order certain services. Last year, I
ordered an ADSL line, and the operator at Telkom strongly urged them to
take the 'free' modem that they offer when I sign a 24 month contract. I
told them that I don't want a 24 month contract, and the lady said "but
then you loose your free modem!?", to which I replied "then it's not
free, is it?". Other people, like my family members, friends, etc, would
not say no. They would take the contract, and get their bandwidth from
Telkom, just because they trust them. They don't know that they can get
cheaper and better bandwidth, with better support even.

That's the best I can explain my motivation for supporting Richard's
cause, I understand that some people feel that it's a bunch of punks
running around bitching and moaning at Telkom, but for me it's a bit
more than that and just because it makes some people unhappy, it won't
stop me from getting people to give less money to Telkom.


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