[CLUG-chat] Telkom Alternatives Advocacy Campaign

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Wed Aug 16 10:42:58 SAST 2006

Jonathan Carter wrote:
  > He says the idea for the campaign is based on the successful Firefox
> campaign, where the open source organisation bought a double-page spread
> in the New York Times to highlight that there was an open source
> alternative to Internet Explorer.
Good idea if you ALREADY have an alternative! Where are the alternatives?
I dont see how any more complaining (and between us all we've done a few 
hundred thousand rands worth of it!) will help the situation!
I hope that people wont be too disappointed when the SNO pulls the same 
stunts that Telkom does, the MD is quoted in brainstorm as saying that 
their prices wont be much better than Telkom's, they would push a value 
proposition for around the same (market) price. Iburst does it, sentech 
does it - they will all do it.


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