[CLUG-chat] Telkom Alternatives Advocacy Campaign

Jonathan Hitchcock jonathanh at adept.co.za
Wed Aug 16 08:38:51 SAST 2006

Jonathan Carter wrote:
> [  Johannesburg, 15 August 2006 ]  - A small group of disgruntled Telkom
> customers are starting an advocacy movement to highlight the lack of
> alternatives in the telecoms market.

So, finally, the South African public is going to be told that Telkom is

It's about time they started to realise this.  I really feel that their
blind love of Telkom and their unguided enthusiasm for its monopoly has
been seriously detrimental to the advancement of South African society.

Let's hope that this advocacy campaign manages to achieve its goals in
making people realise that Telkom isn't all kittens-and-roses.

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