[CLUG-chat] Re: Accounting system on Linux

Andre Coetzee andre at do.co.za
Tue Aug 15 16:22:36 SAST 2006

On Tuesday 15 August 2006 13:12, Rafiq Phillips wrote:
> The question should be: where is cubit?
> I have a client who contacted them via their site & stil await a
> response. Have no doubt cubit would fit the clients needs but try to
> get back to your info requests sooner. It is your customer service
> that matters in the end.
>  Has anyone had a similar experience with cubit?

been thinking if I should respond and I probably shouldn't ignore
a public complaint of bad service...

Anyway our 0861 number is on the website, our contacts from
the website goes into a service que and all requests are answered
and dealt with.

Maybe your client submitted an incorrect e-mail address?

I'm not saying that our service is the best in the country but
I honestly know of no unhappy clients (because using Cubit 
is a monthly contract) We actually really have to keep our
clients very happy... And I think our service is pretty good

We have qualified accounting staff answering our telephones,
one doesn't get transferred from pillar to post etc. etc.


Cubit Accounting Software (Pty) Ltd
DOWNLOAD from: www.cubit.co.za 
Powerful Accounting and business 
management systems for Linux, Windows
and other operating systems.
National call centre: 0861004674

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