[CLUG-chat] Accounting system on Linux

Pieter Ackermann packmann at mweb.co.za
Tue Aug 15 15:01:21 SAST 2006

Stephan February wrote:
> peter retief wrote:
>> I have been and still am on the lookout for an accounting program to
>> replace the likes of Quickbooks and Pastel.
>> These 2 programs are the biggest hurdle in getting small businesses to
>> adopt Linux on the desktop, in my experience.
>> Accounts are so damn simple why is this being such a difficulty?
> I'm using Quasar to run my business. My wife is a CPA, and she uses
> the app more then I do. So far so good. We've tried the various
> browser-based solutions, but nothing does it for me like a rich UI in
> the native widgets of the platform.
> http://www.linuxcanada.com

I have been running my own stuff on Quasar and Pastel for 2 months.
There is nothing I could do on Pastel which Quasar could not do; GL,
customers, suppliers, full inventory, manufacturing. AND Quasar has a
far superior POS front end.

Quasar client can run on Windows as well and it (client as well as
server) is a dream to install. Even I succeeded first time. They develop
on Suse, but I have run it on sarge and on Mandrake 10 as well. In fact
I once for a dare installed Mandrake 10 and Quasar and did the config
and produced an invoice - all within one hour.

Oh yes, did I mention that it is open source (except for the POS version)?

I have access to a beta of Quasar 1.5, which is a great improvement on
1.4.7 as far as accounting functionality is concerned, which is the
current stable release.

By the way; support: Got a response from the developer (who happened to
sit in the Philippines at the time) on a Sunday afternoon at 3. Good
enough for me.

Seeing is believing.



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