[CLUG-chat] Accounting system on Linux

Stephan February clug at adeptiva.com
Tue Aug 15 13:22:25 SAST 2006

peter retief wrote:
> I have been and still am on the lookout for an accounting program to
> replace the likes of Quickbooks and Pastel.
> These 2 programs are the biggest hurdle in getting small businesses to
> adopt Linux on the desktop, in my experience.
> Accounts are so damn simple why is this being such a difficulty?

I'm using Quasar to run my business. My wife is a CPA, and she uses the 
app more then I do. So far so good. We've tried the various 
browser-based solutions, but nothing does it for me like a rich UI in 
the native widgets of the platform.


TinyERP (http://www.tinyerp.com/) also recently came across my radar. It 
looks very interesting and powerful, but I've not used it passed toying 
around with it. My recommendation for now is to give Quasar Accounting a 


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