[CLUG-chat] HOUT BAY Community Centre needs your nelp

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Mon Aug 14 11:28:29 SAST 2006


The Old Police station (next to the harbour) on the beach has been given 
to some NGO's for a community centre.
They have already spoken with the Tuxlab people and intend to start a 
tuxlab project there, amongst other things.
They are in need funding or old pc's  for the hardware infrastructure 
and a server - the network stuff is sponsored already.
Should you have anything to donate (or know of anyone they can 
approach), you may contact me off-list or
Donovan Mana - houtbaydolphins at hotmail.com

Here is a link to a document with their background and 
requirements(900kb).  http://coolstuff.co.za/HoutBayTuxLab.pdf

Mogamat Abrahams

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