[CLUG-chat] Re: clug-chat Digest, Vol 39, Issue 15

Paul Scott pscott at uwc.ac.za
Fri Aug 11 07:28:11 SAST 2006

On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 07:14 +0200, S du Preez wrote:
> VIVA Open Source... Indeed...
> I just don't get it when people buy an OS without networking anyway,
> most people have DSL these days with routers anyway, even in
> homes..... and what do you need ??  yes that is correct,
> networking !! 

IMO it is a question of marketing. If you ask a random sample of
computer users in SA what operating system they have, most will probably
say "dunno" the balance will say "Windows" and a select few will say
"<insert linux distro here>". If you then ask what they paid for it,
they will say that it came with the hardware, after checking their
invoice they will find that it cost them an extra R600 odd.

Now that hardware *without* a pre-installed OS is coming into the
mainstream, people will start figuring out that they are being ripped
off, so the difference between R600 and R300 to play Solitaire is
significant (assuming that the user has never heard of Free Software).
They will only discover the limitations when they get home and try and
connect to their mail server, which means that they have to go and buy
the R600 version to get their mail. So, in total, we have R300 + R600 =
R900 on an OS - hmmm.....

If the Free Software community marketed itself better, there would be an
immediate choice.


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