[CLUG-chat] Poll for Password Managers

Tom Coetser subs at icave.net
Thu Aug 10 14:51:47 SAST 2006

On Thursday, 10 August 2006 10:58, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Tom (2006.08.10_10:44:59_+0200)
> > At the moment I'm using revelation which is a very nice pw manager with
> > all the features that I need, but
> > - lots of gnome specific support libs to run under kde (kubuntu)
> > - does not sit in the tray
> > - needs a gui to access the password file, so getting to my passwords via
> > ssh from remote is a problem
> You can always SSH forward X. But when you do it over sattelite links,
> it can get rather slow :-)

Exactly the problem :-) Also, you might not be ssh'ing in from an X 
environment, so no X session to forward to ;-)


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