[CLUG-chat] NocatAuth

Daniel Avinir davinir at webmail.co.za
Thu Aug 10 14:33:23 SAST 2006


I would like to configure it using one machine as the Gateway & Auth Server.
I would like users to be presented with a splash screen, and basically, a
little form to fill in, where after they click submit, it allows them access
to the internet.

Im not sure what to tell you about the issues im having, I basically
followed some tutorial, and it's not working, the nocat log shows that it is
listening, but when I user connects to does not automatically load the
"splash" screen.

Do you know any good step by step how-to's?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi Daniel

On 8/10/06, Daniel Avinir <davinir at webmail.co.za> wrote:
> Has anybody played around with Nocat?

Yes. A while ago though.

> Having problems setting it up - wanted some advice.

Okay. Post future messages to this list in plain text. Never top post.
Wear sunscreen. That's the best advice you'll ever get.

Now, what are you trying to do with NoCat, and what problems are you

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