[CLUG-chat] Programming Intro....

Johan Venter jventer at bellvillehigh.co.za
Fri Aug 4 12:13:38 SAST 2006

Hendrik Visage wrote:

> On 8/3/06, Daniel Shaw <dshaw78 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > However, something that I Will advise people on, is to get a decent
>> > book on algorithms and
>> > data structures.
>> Ah ha! More good advice.. The quandry once again is how to judge a
>> book by it's cover. No mean feat. Do you have any recomendations?
> The ultimate on this subject is (and will alwyas be??) "The Art of
> Computer Programming"
> by Donald Knuth... but that's pricey
> I have (had?) a nice one with pseudo code (or is that one C?) that I
> lent out, which I
> think is called "Data Structures and Algorithms" by Webster but I'm
I was at the Juta book  store the previous weekend (Next to Shoprite 
Park, Parow) and they had a sale of their old textbooks. They only 
charged R10/kg.
I bought about 3 Java books, 2 on C++ and a datastructe and algorithm 
book (can't remember the exact name now) among others.
I don't know if its' still on, but go have a look if your a book junkie 
like me.

Johan Venter

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