[CLUG-chat] Programming Intro....

Jeremy Thurgood jerith at jerith.za.net
Fri Aug 4 09:07:12 SAST 2006

Daniel Shaw wrote:
>>That is basically the reason why I'm agnostic to computer languages, and why I'm
>>semi-fluent in just about all the main flavours... other than ruby and
> Point taken, but one needs to start somewhere. For me, I have already
> started (with some bash and perl) and the mext step is whatever takes
> my fancy next.. probably some C. I liked marc's point about making
> useful contributions to existing things..
>>However, something that I Will advise people on, is to get a decent
>>book on algorithms and
>>data structures.
> Ah ha! More good advice.. The quandry once again is how to judge a
> book by it's cover. No mean feat. Do you have any recomendations?

_The_Art_of_Computer_Programming_ is one of the best (if not /the/
best) work of literature on the subject.  Unfortunately the set is
a bit pricey and they're not the easiest books in the world to get
your mind around.  Fairly mathematical, but worth the effort.


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