[CLUG-chat] Programming Intro....

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 21:44:44 SAST 2006

Okay, let's say this first and foremost:

Programming is not the same as coding

Coding is to turn "Bake a cake" into "take a cup, dip into flour,
break the egg"
Programming is about understanding the tasks.... and part of that is
to decide on the
right code language...

Now as we've seen in the other thread, everybody will tell you their
favourite language etc.
from scripting right done to toggle switches... and I mean the bits
used inside each seperate
instruction... but I'm digressing... and would try to make this a none
flamebait post

The foremost question before deciding on a language, is "what is the
tasks the program
need to do???"

If the program is YASL[1], then believe me YASL will not make that
other YASL run fast...
I'm awaiting the python/ruby/PHP/perl entries for the Linux kernel
replacement project...

But to write a  program to parse radius log files using regular
expressions quickly, I'll
definately not use assembler on first pass... simply as the
performance gains might be
cheaper to buy a faster computer than code it in assembler.

That is basically the reason why I'm agnostic to computer languages, and why I'm
semi-fluent in just about all the main flavours... other than ruby and
big-snake... but then
again I never had the urge to redo the kernel using  snakish language ;^P

However, something that I Will advise people on, is to get a decent
book on algorithms and
data structures.

Note [1] YASL: Yet Another Scripting Language

Hendrik Visage

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