[CLUG-chat] Intro into programming.

marc marc at welz.org.za
Thu Aug 3 20:34:04 SAST 2006

> If you're still in the mood for another Clug reply, some pointers to
> your personal favourite online tutorials to recommend would save a
> fair amount of trial and error with google too..

Not sure, I learnt C before the web became
fashionable. http://www.howstuffworks.com/c.htm 
looks pretty good. But also try 
http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/cclass/notes/sx1.html or
something off http://www.quut.com/c/c-www/ ?
Try other tutorials - see what you like.

Some other tips: Once you are comfortable
with C try to read the code of real projects.
Search the net for some small linux utility and
see if you can make sense of it. One learns
a lot that way.

Use the -Wall flag when you compile code,
it stands for "Warnings: enable ALL" and will tell
you a lot about possible problems. Contrary to
some examples, it is "int main", not "void main"
and the last statement of the main function should
be something like "return 0;"

Run code as ./a.out not just a.out - the latter
won't work unless you have . in your $PATH variable.



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