[CLUG-chat] Intro into programming.

Dewet Diener clug-chat at dewet.org
Thu Aug 3 11:23:51 SAST 2006

On Thursday 03 August 2006 10:41 am, marc wrote:
> - The license isn't free. See also
>   http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/java-trap.html

This is changing, though.

On 16 May: Rich Green, Sun executive vice president of software, told 
InfoWorld open-sourcing of Java will happen at some point. "I think at this 
point, I think it’s not a question of whether, it’s a question of how," Green 
said. "So we'll go do this."  [1]

And just over a month ago:  A Sun Microsystems Inc. executive said Tuesday 
said the company is "months" away from releasing its trademark Java 
programming language under an open-source license.  [2]

>   - most people don't learn how to work with
>     real hardware

I'd say that most introductees to programming have no desire to work with 
low-level hardware.  Yes, sure, you get those who *want* to start from 
assembly and work their way upwards, but the reverse is also true:  many new 
programmers want to start easy (ie., high-level language) and work down, 
progressing to more difficult languages and stages of development as they 

>   Also note the (otherwise) illogical inclusion of monster java
>   runtimes on highly resource constrained cell phones.
>   These are both environments where hardware resources are
>   made to work against you.

Its not illogical at all.  Its a question of balance -- do you instead propose 
that anyone who wished to write software for cellphones now learn each of the 
respective OSes involved in all major phone brands?  We are living in times 
where processors are becoming smaller and more powerful as time goes on -- 
the tradeoff/benefit of using virtual machines now becomes quite clear.


[1]: http://www.infoworld.com/article/06/05/16/78346_HNsunopensource_1.html

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