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Andre Truter linux at trusoft.co.za
Thu Aug 3 10:52:37 SAST 2006

On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 16:35 +0800, Stephan February wrote:

> Not true. Using Skype creates *huge* momentum for a proprietary platform 
> that gets *everyone* locked-in in the long run. Skype is as harmless to 
> VOIP as Windows was as an OS.
> Why not use OpenWengo instead of Skype ?

I know this is splitting hair, but I do see a difference.

You can use skype and then switch over to OpenWengo.  Nothing prevents
you from doing that.
You can convince all your buddies to also switch.  THere is nothing
tangible that prevents you.

But, if a program is written in Java, it forces a user to use java for
as long as that program exist.
You cannot just switch over to python for example.  THe java program
have to be re-written before you can do that.
THere is something tangible (the application) that prevent you from

With skype you create a conversion that only remains in the memory of
the involved parties.  (And human memory is not dependent on any human
made resources)

But with a program, you forever bind your creation to a specific
technology, which in the case of Java is non-OSS.

THe diference is in what you create with the tools and how the creation
can be used afterwords.  The one is bound to a non-OSS technology and
the other not.

> I am not opposed to FOSS advocacy. In fact I consider myself a FOSS 
> advocate. I *do* however consider it a double-standard to advocate the 
> use of Skype on this list but religiously opposing the suggestion of 
> Java as a programming language.
Please note that personally I am not opposed to Java as a programming
language.  It has it uses and it's place.

I am not a big Java fan and I do think that Python is a much better
language to use as a base for learning.

Python was designed as a training language and it promotes OSS, where
Java is fully commercially focused.  THe only reason why it is used for
training is because of it's popularity and the commercial focus of
training institutes.

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