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Andre Truter linux at trusoft.co.za
Thu Aug 3 10:26:58 SAST 2006

On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 16:08 +0800, Stephan February wrote:

> I think we are getting into a People's Front of Judea vs. a Judean 
> People's Front -type situation here. How is developing software on a 
> Free Platform using non-free tools different from _using_ Free Software 
> on a non-free platform ?

If you use skype, you are not spreading more non-free stuff as you are
not creating anything, you are only using it.  Nothing new exists when
you stop using it.  Maybe a few log files, but that is not something
anyone else would be interested in.

When you write a program in Java, you create something new that depends
on java.  When you stop coding, your application still exist and it is
still dependent on the java interpreter.
So, you create more non-oss stuff by coding in Java.
Skype does not create anything.

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