[CLUG-chat] Intro into programming.

Brendon Gleeson brendon at gleesonprop.co.za
Thu Aug 3 09:37:36 SAST 2006

Jonathan Hitchcock wrote:
> This keeps happening in these sorts of threads.  Somebody asks what 
> language they should learn, somebody else recommends PHP, and then Neil 
> or I (and a few others) wade in and try to explain how awful PHP is.

I no longer use PHP, but basics like variables, functions, *ahem* classes 
(maybe ignore that one), and basic flow of script can be learned in a down 
and dirty way..

I think you're right in saying how it promotes bad practice etc... but I 
couldn't really grasp what Python did or what it was until I could write a 
butt-ugly php script.. and I certainly wouldn't have known what Rails was 
until I knew what sort of problems it solved. I think expecting someone to 
grasp a web framework from day one is stretching it a little...

Yep, try python. Write a little program that resizes a couple of images 
places a watermark on them and uploads them to a FTP site in less than 10 
lines... ok that's not really a challenge.. Yep try Python..

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