[CLUG-chat] LCD recomedation?

Price,Neil nprice at gibb.co.za
Wed Aug 2 13:41:30 SAST 2006

On Wed, August 2, 2006 11:59 am, Brendon Gleeson said:

> I have to start from scratch and find out who is actually going to replace
> a defective product? This whole LCD thing seems like a bit of a fiasco to
> me... I guess you can't put a price tag on your eyesight.. so I'll have to
> take the plunge and order something... (Maybe even a el-cheapo Acer)

we've got about 10 Acer 17"s and the users are very happy. The resolution
at 1280x1024 is fine. Most 19"s can do no more than that so we found the
the 17's look better than the 19's.

We also had lots of problems trying to find decent LCDs at a decent price.
Lots of supply problems.

We just got some Dell 17's in. They have DVI, and are very nice, better
than the acer's. But the  most impressive part is the stand, very well
thought out and good attention to detail. Can be move in any direction,
rotates 90 deg and slides up and down. Their price is very reasonable but
Dell make it almost impossible for an individual to buy from them.

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