[CLUG-chat] LCD recomedation?

Dewet Diener clug-chat at dewet.org
Wed Aug 2 11:34:52 SAST 2006

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 9:25 am, Brendon Gleeson wrote:
> I find the opposite true, I get too much glare on my CRT,

I have to agree here;  I've switched to LCD a few years back (when being an 
early adopter cost me an arm, leg and a few other appendages), and haven't 
looked back since.  I work on LCDs exclusively now, at a number of different 
locations, and cannot tolerate CRT displays anymore.

My eyes don't strain nearly as much with LCDs (helpful in the bleary early 
hours of the morning), compared to my CRTs running at >80Hz.  There are some 
obvious and noticeable differences, though -- my laptop's LCD isn't nearly as 
nice as the Fujitsu-Siemens I have sitting right next to it.


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