[CLUG-chat] LCD recomedation?

Brendon Gleeson brendon at gleesonprop.co.za
Wed Aug 2 09:25:36 SAST 2006

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> and continuously use that crt for hours on end. 30 mins with the
> notebook and my eyes feel like sandpaper, I need to go outside and blink
> for a minute. And forget about watching video under any circumstances.
> Other nearby test subjects/victims report similar results. 

I find the opposite true, I get too much glare on my CRT, I have the 
brightness 0 and the contrast 85 and it still irritates my eyes. I use one 
of the other pc's with cheap mecer LCD monitors for a while and when I 
return to my CRT the text is definitely blurry and eye-straining. I do have 
a decent CRT so that's not an issue (LG Flatron F700P), Anyways I could do 
with at least an extra inch of keyboard space...

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