[CLUG-chat] openSuSE 10 RC1 x86_64

Andre Truter linux at trusoft.co.za
Fri Sep 30 20:14:55 SAST 2005

On Fri, 2005-09-30 at 18:48 +0200, Jonathan Groll wrote:

> >
> This is most interesting, I've always failed to understand why Suse's 
> online upgrade (apparently) could not do a "apt-get dist-upgrade". Is 
> that now possible with openSuSe?

You have the 'apparently' correct there.
SuSE have had an upgrade option in YaST for a very long time and all you
do is to set up your 'Instalaltion Source' to point to the installation
media of the new version (CD/DVD/NFS/FTP/HTTP) and then you run the
update tool.
This is basically the equivalent to apt-get dist-upgrade.

This feature is not really mentioned in the SuSE documentation, but it
works.  I have upgraded an old laptop without CD-ROM in this way from
NFS source twice already.

I have not tried it with the SuSE FTP sites due to bandwidth issues on
my side.

For the past year or two, apt has also been available for SuSE and from
the beginning, you could do a system upgrade with "apt-get dist-upgrade"
On the SuSE apt web site, they have instructions on how to do this from
version 8.0 up to 9.0.

>  Still the worrying problem remains of the sluggish download speeds from 
> all the official suse update sites, bearable if you're just downloading 
> patches, but serious if it breaks in the middle of an upgrade. Unless 
> there are plans to use different mirrors for opensuse?

The thing is that openSUSE actually caused the sluggish download speeds.
Before openSUSE was there, the SuSE mirrors had decent speeds.

I think with openSuSE avaialble, a lot of people has been hitting the
servers all the time to get all the beta's and Release candidates.

AFAIK, there are already openSUSE mirors that do not host other SUSE

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