[CLUG-chat] Firestarter

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Thu Sep 29 22:27:27 SAST 2005

Deon Erasmus wrote:
>> How does it compare to Smoothwall, Shorewall, etc?
> I would limit its application to desktops and  non-critical
> servers, and definately not use it for dedicated firewalls.
> It is even less flexible than Smoothwall. I can't remember if
> it can even do redirection and port forwarding, and I suspect
> it would cough and die if you added custom rules or chains
> and restarted it. I can't comment on Shorewall, never even seen one.

What would you suggest I use as firewall for a SME?  I've only ever used
Shorewall (Mandrake), which I believe is a simply an IP table management
tools (or am I mistaken?), and some Windoze firewalls of various capabilites
and flavours.  


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