[CLUG-chat] MySQL and the GPL

Deon Bredenhann deon1 at propellerheads.co.za
Thu Sep 29 16:35:54 SAST 2005

> You can't bundle MySQL under GPL with a commercial 
> product, so therefore neither can he. 
OK. So if it doesn't get bundled, then it is OK?

I write a PHP Hello World app that gets its data from a mysql db.
The sql script is with the app. You have to get mysql create the db and
populate it with my make.sql db script.
Copyright Gill Bates, all your money are belong to us. Pty Ltd
And put it on the shelves for R4999.95

Now. I did not derive anything from mysql. I just use it. GPL says

My app should now be commercial. Or not?

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