[CLUG-chat] CellPhone/Symbian API Question - WAS: geek phones

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Wed Sep 21 13:51:06 SAST 2005


Seeing as their are so many CellGuru's ;-)
Do any of the Cellphone api's support modifying the voice data before TX and
after RX?

Also many new phones support MP3, AAC etc. So theoretically it should be
possible to use GPRS/3G as a carrier for voice data, you could then call to
anywhere in the country/world for 20c a meg (providing both arties have same
Most likely they (Cell monopolizing companies) wont give access to the voice
part only data and ui, anyone know about this?
Something like this can be buit using off the shelf cell/gprs
modules(Siemens etc), but haveing it prepackaged and available on many
platforms would be better neh!


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