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> Anyone on the list own one or recently bought one.
> What should I look out for? Any other "buyer" tips?
> Where are the best places to go look?

i'd suggest getting a small reflector instead of a moderate sized refractor.
I saw a few good buys in the cape ads a while back. If you
buy second hand make sure that there is NOTHING wrong
with mirror, ie, cracked, scractched, or out of alignment for
some or other reason.

If you do want to stick with a refractor ( becuase of price)
make sure you get on with a lense size of
at least 35mm at the front. Also, try and get one that uses a prism
to bend light at the eyepiece 90deg. ( this is so you don't have to
lie on the ground if your looking up vertically. ) Anyway, if you
want to look at the first 5 planets then a 35mm+ refractor should
do nicely . (you can see jupiter with binoculars, but not in too much 
detail) .
You should be able to get a decent 90mm +/- refractor for about two
to three and a half grand, which should work very well for most things until 
get bored with close objects . You should be able to spot andromeda,
moons of jupiter,  and such things quite nicely. The best thing
you can get is a decent reflector, but its lots of $$$ IIRC.


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